The Beatles will never happen again.

I hate to break it to you, but there will never be another group like the Beatles. I don’t mean there won’t be another band that sounds like the Beatles, I mean we already had Oasis foisted upon us. Additionally countless musical acts have been inspired by them and borrowed from their bag of tricks.What I mean is, the phenomenon of an artist or band single handedly dominating the charts and even pop culture is just not going to happen again. Michael Jackson came closest for awhile with Thriller, etc. but one act being associated with the counter-culture/hippie movement of the sixties, and being the best selling band in history won’t happen again anytime soon., you ask? The same reason 10 year old boys today don’t want Walkie-Talkies for Christmas, they have smart phones. The World is a different place. In 1964, when the Fab Four came to America and ignited “Beatlemania”, FM radio wasn’t even firmly established yet as the dominant format. That didn’t happen till it edged over AM radio use in the late seventies. People had very limited options, and could only get excited about what they were exposed to. The average teenager could listen to the radio at home only, maybe had some portable transistor radio but that’s it. If this teenager wanted to listen to anything over and over at will they had to go to the record store and buy the album. I guarantee a record store in 1968 was not the big box stores of today. In those days the Rock and Roll section of vinyl probably had Burt Bacharach, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles under “B” , and not much else.My argument that there will never be a world dominating group like the Beatles comes down to choices. We have so many. My father was a huge Beatles fan (as am I), but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t too hip on Norwegian death metal or Andres Segovia in 1964. I don’t think Black Sabbath ever played the Ed Sullivan show. Today we can scour the internet and pick and choose what we want to listen to, often for free. I can listen to traditional music from Zimbabwe or a rock band in Wichita, Kansas whenever I want.This is not to diminish the Beatles, mind you. My point is that with our unlimited options, we just won’t have one artistic vision that unites so many of us. The market has been diversified down to a factor of one: the individual. Maybe that makes the Fab Four that much more special. As for the current climate, it’s not a bad place to be in where I can get done listening to the Deftones then cue up my guilty pleasure of The Carpenters (don’t tell anyone).

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