The Company that killed radio is dying itself.

So as of today, i Heart media has declared bankruptcy. This corporation bought up ClearChannel communications in 2008. Clear Channel was responsible for the death of FM Rock radio. If you had told me in 1986 that in the year 2018 I would still be hearing “Freebird” and “You shook me all night long” ten times a day on my local rock station I wouldn’t have believed it. This huge corporate monster took over the bulk of radio stations beginning in the nineties (although i Heart traces its first acquisition back to 1972) and systematically changed all prominent rock stations to a “classic rock” format.What this meant in theory was, play the most popular 500 or so staples and reel in the advertising dollars. What it meant in reality was no variety, ever. Canned DJ voices announced the same “Two for Tuesday” promotions from NYC to Seattle. On air personalities acted like your local DJ, but were often a thousand miles away. Immensely successful bands like The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc., were reduced down to the six or seven songs deemed mainstream enough for the unwashed masses. “We don’t have time to play the other 70 songs by Van Halen, here’s Panama, now listen to these commercials and buy some products!!”.This monolith corporation, along with on line streaming, has killed any new music by both established artists and up and coming groups. A new single by Warrant has the same chance of being played on air as a song by a new artist, NONE.While I hate the idea that some 14,000 people may be looking for work, I hope that independent stations that care about music may fill in the gaps. Radio has been stagnant for thirty years, and a free market always corrects itself.

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