What were they thinking? Awful Album Covers.

There are album covers that have gone down in history as iconic, instantly recognized by the masses. Some are photographs, some are illustrations, some are a combination of both. They are striking for their beauty or their simplicity, or conversely for their complexity.

Then there are the “What were they thinking?” covers. It boggles the mind that not only did someone think these covers were good, but that there were likely entire groups of people that composed these covers, reviewed them, and produced copies. Some committee not only thought they were acceptable, but they would help sell the music contained within!

Behold the artistic parade assembled:

“Ok, the album is ready to go, we need a cover…I know! We’ll get my 12 year old little brother to do it!”

This was the precursor to his follow up smash “Restraining Orders are just a piece of Paper”…

“On the count of three, say “Swiss Cheese”!

This artist was pissed that Chuck Norris didn’t get the Oscar for “Delta Force”.

“Come play with us Danny….forever, and ever, and ever…”

Whatever you do, don’t smell the flute.

Later on, Mr. Bull Frog was pissed at how low in the mix he was.

“Ok, Vampire Weekend it is, should we get some Vampire costumes?”

“Nah, well just use a pic of some random girl taken with a Polaroid”.

Artist’s pitch: “Ok, the group’s name is Lancer so I was thinking an Ostrich with laser beam eyes, and by his feet a human skull that is about one-fifth the size of a normal skull”.

I guess the name “$10 Truck Stop Hookers” was taken?

What are some terrible album covers you have come across?

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