10 Questions with Dweezil Zappa.

In our ongoing attempt to explore the creative process of interesting musicians, sometimes we get lucky. This is one of those times! Dweezil Zappa is a truly unique virtuoso who not only has created his own diverse catalog, but for the last 12 years has brought his father, Frank Zappa’s music to renewed life. We were thrilled to receive some insight into Dweezil’s thought process and motivations in this detailed interview.

My phone rings, and upon answering I hear “Hi, this is Dweezil Zappa”. He thoughtfully includes his last name so I won’t confuse him with anyone else named Dweezil who might be calling me. What follows is a detailed breakdown where Zappa explains some interesting approaches to composing, his recollections on specific parts of both his father’s and his own songs, and which guitarists he finds impressive today.

Special thanks to Megan Zappa, who helped coordinate our schedules. To keep up with Dweezil’s tour dates and projects go to https://www.dweezilzappa.com/

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