10 Questions with Griffin Tucker.

“Your level of talent is staggering. If this what you do at 15, I’m afraid of you.”-Lionel Richie.

Do I even have to write out an introduction now? Read that quote again. Lionel Richie is stunned by this guy’s talent. Griffin started on drums at 5 years old and progressed to piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, and Peruvian haggis pipe (ok, I made that last one up). I learned of Mr. Tucker some time ago, and appearances on television, several awards, and genuinely good songs convinced me I needed to learn more.

On this episode of 10 Questions with the Musical Mind Griffin discusses his musical influences, how he writes his music, his plans for the future, and how “Baby Einstein” products may have helped produce this prodigy…

To get a copy of Griffin’s debut album “Believe it”, and see when he will be playing live in your area, go to : https://www.griffintuckermusic.rocks/

Special thanks to Kimberly Griffin for helping with scheduling, and raising a pretty darn nice kid!

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