Shift your playlist. Keeping music fresh.

As you go about your day, if you are like me music will figure into your routine. Long commute to work? Fire up that playlist or find your favorite channel on the radio. At home for the weekend? Have the stereo humming in the background, where you can let it go for hours. Still, much like writer’s block I sometimes find myself with “listener’s block”. I know there is unlimited music out there, and even the stuff I’ve heard, there are many songs I like that I may not have listened to in years. So I find myself momentarily baffled as to what I want to hear, and with a shrug I load up the usual songs. Do I like “Rock you like a Hurricane “? Sure, but damn I’ve heard it a billion times.

One simple exercise is to take a list of your favorite artists, and shift it. What do I mean? Take the list of bands and musicians you like, and instead of playing their material , make a playlist of songs they have made guest appearances on. If not a guest appearance, pick a side project or lesser known venture by that player. I cover lots of ways to branch out your music library in my short e-book. You can find it here:

The benefit of this is at the very least, you are listening to songs you don’t hear everyday. You also may find yourself listening to different genres, as sometimes a person may contribute to a song that is well outside their wheelhouse.

Here is my sample playlist for today:

Rush with Max Webster: Battle Scar

Eddie Van Halen with Thomas Dolby: Eastern Bloc

Phil Collins with Frida: I know there’s Something Going On.

Steve Lukather (Toto) with Don Henley: Dirty Laundry

Steve Vai with Alcatrazz: God Blessed Video

Allan Holdsworth with Level 42:

This is just a starter list. So before you load up that album you’ve listened to a thousand times, why not see what else those guys have been up to? You might be pleasantly surprised.

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