“10 Questions With the Musical Mind Podcast (?).”

As I sit here, poolside in sunny Madeira Beach, FL. I am contemplating my upcoming podcast. I have always planned for an audio companion to this blog and the accompanying YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_WA4NzZvZo_lBw-qftlCQ

(On Madeira Beach with my wife, Jamie.)

Right now the plan is for the podcast to mainly center on my 10 Questions with the Musical Mind series of interviews. So many wonderful artists have participated and many more are in the works! I’m truly grateful to gain insight from both up and coming musicians and legends I have admired for years. There are two main reasons I intend to make the podcast an interview series. One: I think there is an audience for musicians speaking on the specifics of how they create, not just the usual “Tell us about your new album” banter. Two: I really don’t know how to go about sitting in a room and talking to myself for twenty minutes and make it sound natural! I did have a stint in FM Rock radio, but even then I felt far more comfortable engaging with my co-host than I did when manning the boards alone.

So before I get this thing rolling I figure some feedback may be in order! I’d love to hear opinions on what you like in a music based podcast. Do you like interviews? Do you prefer a host talking at length about a specific topic? Do you want a combination of both?

Those of you with experience, what host service do you use? Which ones are good, or terrible? The basic idea is a once a week cast of about thirty minutes or less.

So by all means, shout out your opinions. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching this summer rainstorm slowly make its way down the beach towards us for a brief and welcome respite from the Florida Sun…

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