10 Questions with Mitch Malloy

Recently when I interviewed Great White guitarist and founder Mark Kendall I was thrown a curve ball. The day before the interview I was notified that singer/songwriter/producer Mitch Malloy was officially the new lead vocalist for the band. Mark and I had a great conversation, and naturally I wanted to touch base with Mitch and get his perspective on these new developments. Here he gives the inside scoop on everything from his songwriting and recording process to his first live performances with Great White. Mitch also discusses what it was like to first enter the legendary 5150 studios when he was tagged as the new singer for Van Halen years ago. This is an informative discussion for fans and for recording musicians. Mitch is a humble yet extremely talented artist, and I look forward to the positive energy and creativity he brings to Great White!

(Photos 2018 Neil Zlozower)

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2 thoughts on “10 Questions with Mitch Malloy

  1. Mitch NAILED Great White last night in KY!! Went for that band and delivered on a silver plate! I was married to great instrumentalist ROCK guitarist almost 20 yrs. He didn’t need my lyrics, so I have stacks from 70’s on…Im a constantly brainstorming artist, who live near Nashville, hoping my writings could be part of upcoming material for Great White! Hey, life is strange – you never know what curve ball is around the corner that can hit a home run! Rock onward! 🎤🎼

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