10 Questions with Russ “Dwarf” Graham.

After the release of Canada’s Killer Dwarfs’ new album Live No Guff!, I had a great conversation with singer and founding member Russ Dwarf. Immediately apparent is Russ’ laid back attitude and continued creative drive. We discuss the band’s new record label EMP https://www.emplabelgroup.com/ , his songwriting processes, and his hobbies. We both find time to profess our love for our faithful dogs too!

(Russ’ beloved Retriever “Jackson”)

In addition, we talk about the music industry in general, and other musicians both old and new. Russ also confirms new music coming in the future from both Killer Dwarfs and his own solo album! Give the interview a listen here:

To learn more go to the band’s official site: http://killerdwarfsband.com/

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