10 Questions with Greg Renoff.

PhD Historian and author Greg Renoff filled a large gap in the chronology of the band Van Halen when he released his book Van Halen Rising (ECW Press) in 2015. For a band of their stature surprisingly little was known about the group’s early years other than the handful of stories that have been passed around for decades. Renoff as a die hard fan undertook the daunting task of tracking down scores of people who were there in the early days. His sources include friends of the members, fellow musicians, eyewitnesses, and even legendary producer Ted Templeman.

The book is a fascinating read, full of detail that will entertain not only the Van Halen fans, but music buffs in general. Greg sits down to discuss how he went about gathering all of this previously unknown information, his future writing projects, and a little good old fashioned speculation (a well rehearsed hobby for any Van Halen fan).

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