10 Questions with Nick Brophy.

Who is Nick Brophy? If you answered “a member of acclaimed rock group Riverdogs”, you would be right. You would also only be addressing a tiny fraction of the man’s accomplishments.

In a career that has seen him wear many hats, Brophy is a musician, a composer, a producer, an engineer, a mixer, and one of the early Pro-Tools gurus that helped guide the music industry out of the analog dark ages. He has worked with acts such as The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Hootie and the Blowfish, Jason Aldean, and more. Trust me, I’m leaving out a lot of names. Nick’s resume’ is a who’s who of every genre of popular music.

Needless to say, when arranging this interview I jumped at the chance when Mr. Brophy offered me the opportunity to speak with him at his personal studio. Gear in tow, my wife (and trusty editor) Jamie and I drove to his studio ensconced in a cozy corner outside of Nashville, TN.

Nick Brophy and Peter Harris

We had a wide ranging conversation, and it turns out Nick is every bit the nice guy I’ve always assumed him to be. We shared different bits of musical trivia and rarities we both enjoyed, and he even shared some cool, off-the-record stuff that was fascinating (sorry guys, can’t share everything)! I hope you enjoy the wealth of information Nick provides here as much as I enjoyed it.

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