10 Questions with Greg Howe.

After the Eruption of 1978, hundreds of guitarists hunkered down in their woodsheds and honed their musical chops to an unprecedented level. One of the most talented of that group is Greg Howe. Since his self titled debut in 1988, Greg has been flabbergasting musicians around the world with his phenomenal skills. Unlike many others of his generation he became an excellent jazz fusion composer, indeed much of his material fits in that genre.

Mr. Howe was nice enough to take some time to converse with us about his music, his gear, his early experiences in the biz, and his creative vision. Mind you, this is a man that has shared the stage with Michael Jackson. You don’t get that gig because you are “pretty good”. If you are a musician, or even just creative by nature I think you will enjoy his insightful answers, I know I did…

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