10 ? with Steve Wheeler.

Composer, performer, and producer Steve Wheeler is a multi-instrumentalist that has no fear of crossing genre boundaries. His work can be heard nationally on CBS sports, including the PGA Tour, NCAA, NFL, and SEC Football. Steve has also contributed to the video game universe.  Now with his feet firmly planted in the music world, he has turned his attention to his own creative outlet. Wheeler has released the full length album Stormseeker. This sprawling work combines his cinematic orchestration with his self professed love of the heavier side of music.  It is a tour-de-force, especially when you stop to consider all of it is the vision of one man.

Steve joins us for this latest edition of 10 ? with the Musical Mind to enlighten us on both the big picture of his career, as well as the nuts and bolts of creating music on such a grand scale!

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