10 ? with Starla Starshine.

Having been a promising young teen with a rock vibe, Starla Starshine has emerged from the chrysalis fully reborn. The transformation suits her well. Her new EP Red Lagoon is the sort of dreamy, transcendent music that sets itself apart from the endless tides of made-to-order pop. Exotic textures support pointed lyrics that deliver an authentic vibe that can’t be faked. Starla Starshine is a passionate artist, and she is here to make her voice and beliefs known.

It will be a busy time for her. In addition to Red Lagoon she plans to release a full length album, and is putting the final touches on a book entitled Emotional Overdose. All three projects are part of a unified vision on her part. This vision is to spread not only awareness of her creative muse, but the important topic of mental wellness.

Starla calls in to discuss all these projects, her songwriting processes, and just how happy she is to be going forward as her true self…

12 thoughts on “10 ? with Starla Starshine.

  1. I am so impressed with your love voice and I feel so happy that.my beautiful friend is an excelemt singer. Congratulations baby.

  2. She is an amazing and unique artist to look up to! Her work definitely strays away from all of the basic trash music that is overplayed on the radio. Looking forward to her book coming out.

  3. With influences such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Ray Davies, Starla is truly schooled in the Classics. Her music has uniqueness that is sadly lacking in today’s disposable hip hop and (c)rap, and country. And- she rocks. I am so looking forward to her new EP and LP.

  4. So excited for Red Lagoon to be released!! Starla is one step away from conquering the universe

  5. We are so proud of you. We love your work and can’t wait for your full lenght CD.
    We are also so impressed with Peter’s interview questions! He is so knowledgeable. He did great
    interviewing Starla.
    Best wishes and Love

  6. Can’t wait to hear Starla’s new music! I love that it’s different than all the music out there on the radio and I love her energy and vibes! Counting down the days until the release of Red Lagoon❤️

  7. Congratulations for realizing your goal!
    Nothing more meaningful than putting your own stamp on your creation !
    Good vibes !

  8. OMG im her number one fan . Cant wait for her album to be released!!! Love Starla she rocks👍🏻😂

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