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“Youth is wasted on the young”. The older I get the more sense this makes, so it is only natural that the C Wired story resonates with me. Having been an entrepreneur and business man, Wired has started several successful ventures. He has, by his own admission experienced not only lofty financial heights but the lows as well.

At some point many of us realize that pursuing your real desires will be much more satisfying than a clock-punching, 9-5 existence. C Wired knows this and acted on it. Starting in 2013 he devoted himself to his creative side. His music flows across genres, which is natural because our unfiltered creative muse knows nothing of niches or labels. Nor does it care. As you read this interview you will realize this is a soul freed of trying to honor expectations, it just is.


1. You’ve been a business man and an entrepreneur; do you find your current pursuit the most fulfilling or just another direction in an adventurous life?

Being a successful entrepreneur taught me how to take risks. It’s necessary if you want to participate in the music world in 2018 from a financial view. This has been a much more fulfilling endeavor from a heart perspective.  Art and the creative energy required to produce it has been a completely new experience for me.  It has taught me to get myself out ofthe way and to allow an inner presence to write the music and lyrics.  Its like, I scribe these songs, they come through me and I observe them from a third person perspective.


2. How does a song usually take shape for you? Is it usually a lyrical direction first, then the music, or does it vary?

I will hear the groove or the main hook/lick first.  Usually when I am in a deeper state of awareness or during sleep.  I have written several songs waking up at 4:00am in the morning and working out the chords on my guitar that I keep by the bed.  They come when they come and you have to be prepared to capture the inspiration when it occurs.

After I receive most of the parts of the song and have them worked out, I will look to writing the lyrics. Once the lyrics are stemmed out, I start looking at the arrangement.  I never know where the song is going to go so the lyrical content greatly influences the structure and arrangement of the piece. This takes days or even weeks and I’m usually working on 3-4 songs at a time.  They are like a tapestry being weaved.

It’s a process of discovery for me, the Title of the song will come to me sometime during the process and I will go Oh. That’s what this song is about.


3. On a song like Anna Kissed the Sky, there are subtle background vocals and chord arpeggios. At what point in the songwriting process do those elements get added?

I wrote the arpeggios the same time I wrote the music. They came at the same time.

I work with Gary Pigg and his crew out of Nashville for backup vocals. They are consummate professionals who have worked with Neil Young,CMA, etc. I have no idea what they are going to come up with, but I have total confidence in whatever it is. They listen to the tracks in the studio then discuss and create right on the spot.  You have to let people create and be themselves.  C Wired music is very organic almost stream of consciousness – the opposite of the algorithmic song writing and production techniques/style you see constantly repeated ad nauseum on Pop radio.


4. How many instruments do you own, and do you tend to write on one “favorite”?

I own 22 guitars (acoustic, electric, 12 strings, etc.) Yamaha Montage 6,CP4, Moog Subsequent 37 (used on Botticelli Baby and Climb the Mountain by Addison Smith) Drum kit, percussion instruments, and $300k in recording equipment for @dragonslairstudios where Cwiredband does most of the tracking. We use a combination of API, Neve outboard gear for compression and preamps combined with UA and SoundToys, plugins.

I have an Alessandro hand-wired Deluxe Reverb, Mesa Triple Crown and Fillmore 50, hand-wired Vox AC 15. Marshall JVM2, Reeves Space Cowboy, Fender Princeton’s, Roland Keyboard Amps, and Mesa Subway 800 Bass Amplifier.

Too many mics. Our secret sauce is a Townsend Labs Sphere L-22 mic modeler.  I gives us 98% of a $40k mic cabinet.

I write a large portion of my songs on my Taylor 814ce.  I own 5 Taylor acoustics, I prefer their necks and the ES2 system sounds good on stage. 

The heavier stuff I’m writing now I use a D’Angelico Excel DC through a Mesa Fillmore 50.  The Kent Armstrong humbuckers in the earlier D’Angelicos really rock!.  Then they made a production change to Seymour Duncan’s last year and no longer use them.  Too bad, I am buying up all the legacy models. I have the usual standard classic guitars Les Pauls, SGwith P90s, ES-339,Telecasters, Strats, Gretsch, etc. but the semi hollow sound through the Kent Armstrongs just works for me.


5. Where there any differences in how you wrote for Angel Circuit Engaged vs Omega?

None.  The material on those two EPs were written around the same time on the Taylor.  Edgier stuff is forthcoming being written on the electric set up.


6. Where do you think inspiration comes from for you? Is it out of the ether, real world experience, or a combination of both?

I experience my music.  You know when I write about it, it is genuine, and it happened to me.  I wrote a song coming out on the next EP called You Can Love More Than One, my 2nd wife didn’t approve, so I am looking for wife 3 LOL.

The inspiration for moi are the two poles of existence we experience while in a body here on the planet. There is our spiritual side and our sexual side.  Spirit Sex Divine. I have explored both alternative religious philosophies and sexual relationships.  You have to be free to explore, to incorporate both of these energies into yourself, be OK with who you are, and eliminate any negative patterns of self-doubt, self-acceptance, guilt or shame.  Ultimately if we are doing no harm – consenting adults are free to do whatever they want with whoever they want.  This idea is attacked, controlled and limited from both the conservative religious point of view and the ultra-progressive liberal dogma of political correctness. There is more C Wired material coming that pushes traditional thinking regarding relationship structures.


7. The title track from Angel Circuit Engaged has a terrific atmospheric breakdown section.  Is that something that evolves while recording, like “now let’s add a little bit of this”

I stubbed out the breakdown and knew that the incredible talent that I am working with would come through.  I consciously write keeping a lot of space in my music that allows the musicians to add their own creativity.  I knew Gary Pigg and the crew would bring it in the studio.  I have Angels, I rely on them.


8. What would you say your favorite book of all time is?

A Course of Love by Mari Perron, First Receiver.  Careful, it will lead you to an alternative Universe and take you deep down a Spiritual rabbit hole.


9. Do you think geography has an impact on the music you write? 

No, I write timeless with no rules, limitations or boundaries applied.  My experiences have been in NYC where I worked at Wall and Broad St., Northern Virginia, Key West, and now in this quiet little hamlet called Berkeley Springs, WV


10. You’ve done a lot, is there still a goal out there you are striving for?

We are ultimately here to evolve Spiritually to recognize our Higher Self and let go of our egos.  Everything I have done in my life has provided learning experiences that has resulted in Spiritual growth and necessary ego elimination.  We are here to ultimately observe our co-creative process and enjoy our treasures – as recognition of our true Identities and the Divine.  I have no idea where I will be led to next but it will be just fine…


C Wired.

Check out C Wired and his music at http://c-wired.com/home

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