10 ? with Rachel Reese.

Oklahoma native Rachel Reese is carving out her place in the music world. Packing up her car at the age of 18, Rachel drove to Nashville with no other plan in mind other than to pursue her dreams. Reese has obviously been productive, because she has seemingly packed a lifetime’s worth of lessons into a few years. Growing up on country, Reese used her new found surroundings to broaden her musical horizons as well. Absorbing everything from Gospel to Motown, to Led Zeppelin, she crafted for herself a solid foundation to build her own music from.

With her new single Dozen Roses, Reese builds upon her earlier EPs and looks to release more music in 2019. The song is strong and most importantly authentic country. The music is well written, well performed, and well produced; certainly a welcome addition to the rosters of artists on the rise. Look for more good things from Rachel Reese!

Check out Rachel’s official site for more news and releases: http://rachelreesemusic.com/

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