10 ? with James Kennedy.

There are versatile musicians, and then there is James Kennedy. As the frontman and songwriter for Kyshera, James has crafted some of the most avant-garde, progressive, alternative rock you have ever heard. More than this, Kyshera weaves its often disjointed patterns into seriously good music.

Not one to be anchored to one avenue of approach, Kennedy also has a burgeoning solo career. In these works, he falls into a more traditional singer songwriter role, while still addressing sentiments close to his heart. I can honestly not think of a musician with the instrumental chops Kennedy possesses who has the discipline to allow a simple acoustic melody to remain just that.

James Kennedy is also the owner of his own Konic Records, and as such has the freedom to present his art just as he envisions it. This is a huge win for artistic integrity. James joins us to discuss his songwriting, the future of Kyshera , and his plans for 2019!

Watch the interview here:

2 thoughts on “10 ? with James Kennedy.

  1. Fantastic podcast with James Kennedy. Covering various music styles, hero’s and what’s next.
    Relaxed interview and great to listen to. Thankyou.

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