10 ? with Rudy Sarzo

Name some of the biggest hard rock and heavy metal acts of the last several decades; Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult…

Ok, this will take too long, so let’s just reference the resume’ of the legendary Rudy Sarzo, because it’s basically the same list. Sarzo came from Cuba and after spending his teen years in Florida was asked to join the struggling-at-the-time Quiet Riot. Rudy played alongside Randy Rhoads in this incarnation until the latter was scooped up by Ozzy.

When Ozzy was in need of a bassist for the landmark Blizzard of Oz tour, it was his friend Randy that helped usher Rudy into the lineup. The rest is history. Touring in support of that album and it’s follow up Diary of a Madman, Sarzo next rejoined Quiet Riot for the chart topping Metal Health.

Such are Mr. Sarzo’s chops and musicianship that he remains in high demand to this day. In Whitesnake he provided the foundation for guitarists Vivian Campbell, Adrian Vandenberg, and Steve Vai. His accomplishments are too numerous to cover here, so we will let the man himself do the talking.

In this in-depth interview we discuss everything from his partnership with Randy Rhoads to his current role in The Guess Who, to the fall of the Soviet Union!

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