10 ? with Ed Wynne

I don’t remember exactly when I became aware of Ozric Tentacles, but it had to be somewhere between the late eighties to early nineties. A good friend and I ravenously dived into the collection of this truly unique group. Formed by guitarist/keyboardist Ed Wynne in 1983, Ozric Tentacles has churned out amazing soundscapes ever since.

“Soundscapes” is a description I use deliberately, because each composition takes you on a journey. It was with great pleasure in my conversation with Mr. Wynne that I learned that he too thinks of his music this way. He, in his own words, pictures traveling through an environment as if on the wings of a bird. It seems each piece of music is as much of an exploration for Ed as it is for the listener. This helps explain the prodigious output Wynne and his band mates have created over the decades, for wanderlust is never truly satisfied.

On the eve of the release of his solo album, Shimmer into Nature, I hope you enjoy this chat with a true musical adventurer.

Visit the official Ozric Tentacles website: http://www.ozrics.com/

5 thoughts on “10 ? with Ed Wynne

  1. Great Blog and great band , have loved them since early 90’s whilst travelling in buses ☆

  2. I first saw the Ozrics at the Wetlands in New York City. It was an enchanting show with Rad pounding on the drums, Zia playing bass, Jumping John on wind instruments, Ed shredding on the guitar and Seaweed on keyboard. It really brought me back to home. And this music is powerful in that it can change your consciousness by just absorbing the sounds and positive vibrations- mad brilliant uplifting energy and magik.

  3. Being an old crusty ive been a fan of Ozric Tentactles since the late eightees ,and seen a few gigs and festival performances and love em,top of the pile in the world of psychedelia and space rock.Nodens Ictus also flipping great! I play the guitar myself,have done since i was a yourh,and Ed Wynne is my all time fave..after hearing Steve Hillage,getting a taste for Hawkwind and all the other influences of the era,Ed and Ozric Tentacles became gods of the age .His guitarwork especialy,for me,brings into the modern day the mesmerising and spine tingling effect on the imaginative mind of stringed instruments and ancient rags and mantras from which the guitar evolved,truly a fluent and totaly expresive player. To some one like myself he stands out in a way which is quite ‘true to life ‘,and proudly ,humbly , rootsy , British way in front of more commercial and widely respected musicians such as Steve Vie and Joe Satriani.

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