Time to show some Cajón-es.

The Cajon, for those not familiar is a wooden percussion instrument that over the centuries has been used in Afro-Peruvian music. In more recent times it has spread into broad use in Flamenco and various modern styles. It is essentially a box, with one thin striking surface and the other sides being normally thicker tone woods. The player often sits on the drum itself or squats behind it, striking it with his or her hands. Much like Congas and other percussion instruments, it can add a unique and striking flavor to your music.

The reason I dive into this is because of a unique little stomp box I came across recently. The Toekicker stomp box from Kopf percussion is a cool little device that, once plugged in, amplifies your toe-tapping into a nice warm percussive beat. I immediately saw the advantage this would have for solo guitarists. Do you play acoustic-electric one man shows? With the Toekicker you now have a simple, professional sounding way to propel the rhythm! The added benefit being it helps get your audience into the groove as well.

So this brought me to check out Kopf Percussion. Steve Head started the company in 2008 as a family owned outfit. He, in addition to the stomp box handcrafts a variety of high-end Cajons. Each one is unique. Steve even has a live feed where you can watch him hard at work on his instruments. No assembly line here folks, this is an artisan in the original sense.

(Kopf Percussion “S-series” Cajon)

I have no affiliation with Kopf Percussion, nor is this an advertisement. I just genuinely like stumbling onto talented creators on both sides of the microphone. Check them out at: http://www.kopfpercussion.com

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