10 ? with Mike Smith of Threefold Maze.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Threefold Maze has its beginnings with friends Mike Smith and Doug Whittenberg jamming on guitars.  What started off as fun playing sessions 25 years ago eventually turned into serious song writing.

Their most recent offering Dollar of Dust, is an impressive prog-metal assemblage.  Mike’s chugging yet intricate rhythms lay the groundwork for Doug’s soaring vocals and impressive lead guitar chops.  Rounding out the album is Derek Whittenberg, whose drumming adds the precision and tempo this music needs.  Caitlin Smith lends her smooth vocal tones to several areas, adding a nice variety to the record.

If you aren’t familiar with Threefold Maze, and are a fan of progressive metal and hard rock, I recommend checking this worthy band out for yourself!


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