David Alpha gives a preview of Chameleon Wheelhouse.

Fresh off the heels of his recent release Rockin’ Roulette, singer-songwriter David Alpha is already revealing a fresh set of tunes. Chameleon Wheelhouse is an EP that gives us a taste of the larger body of music to come.

“Light the Rockets” gets you started with a driving, distorted rhythm. Soon Alpha’s punching lyrics impose an order over his frenetic, weaving guitars. It’s yin and yang, energetic punk-like delivery reigning in electric chaos that swirls just beneath.

Next up is “Hungry Ghost”, where a crisp acoustic churns out the chord sequence. On this tune, David uses his voice and slightly outside melody to strain the normal confines of the otherwise straightforward structure. You can tell Alpha is not content to present us with songs that don’t challenge the listeners.

“Wake up Gloria” starts by launching into the familiar three chord riff of the classic “ Gloria” (Them/Van Morrison) before quickly veering off into new territory. Gritty acoustics chug along underneath a vocal that emulates Robert Smith of the Cure as much as Tom Waits.

David Alpha is a unique songsmith who can not only challenge norms in vocal delivery, but has a penchant for sneaking in quirky sonic explosions that only add to the delivery. If you value a tinge of quirkiness sprinkled on your music, Chameleon Wheelhouse is worth a spin!

By Peter Harris

Listen to David Alpha: https://davidalpha.bandcamp.com/album/chameleon-wheelhouse-ep

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