10 ? with Donna Halper.

In this episode of 10 ? with the Musical Mind, we take a slight detour. I say detour because we usually focus on the musicians behind the music. For this show, we had the pleasure of interviewing someone who has had an enormous impact on rock music without ever being in a band.

Donna Halper was the first female announcer at Northeastern University. From there she continued a long career in radio as an on-air personality and Music Director. She has gone on to teach at universities and share her love of history by authoring several books.

In those early days, 1974 to be exact, she was presented an album by an unknown Canadian band. She decided one of the lengthier tunes, “Working Man“, would be a great fit for her blue collar Cleveland, Ohio audience. Donna started the ball rolling, and that little unknown band was of course, Rush.

Sit back and enjoy Halper’s stories as she takes us back in time to the early days of radio, her friendship with Neil, Alex, and Geddy, and even the tribulations of the modern day journalist…

Neil Peart, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Donna Halper.

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