COME OUT FIGHTING do just that!

Detroit’s Come Out Fighting have proven to have picked an appropriate moniker a decade ago. Following up their 2018 album, Aweigh All Anchors, the forthcoming Any Port in a Storm will be the second of a planned nautical trilogy. The seafaring theme is a metaphor for life on the road.

Playing around a hundred shows a year, these guys know the ins and outs of touring life. Guitarist/vocalist Nate Jose Garcia simplifies it by saying “We will play anywhere that has a PA and is willing to book a punk band”. Ahead of a summer tour and festival dates overseas, the band have released a two song EP to preview Any Port in a Storm.

The first song “Blackout”, establishes an instant groove thanks to the descending riff played in unison by guitarists Garcia and Brian Stewarts with bassist Dan Bruce. The band sound so tight, thanks in no small part to Casey Husted’s syncopated bass drumming being so locked in with the riffs. This ode to waking up with that “what happened and where the hell am I?” is raucous punk energy as much as it is precision riffage. Stranger in a strange land indeed.

“Soundtrack to a Shipwreck” shows frontman Nick Rudowyj ferociously screaming his part of the call and response vocals. It is a look of the sacrifices one makes to maintain the life of a touring musician. The lyrics tell you to “Turn your back to the storm”. If you are a fan of punk with integrity however, I urge you to face this storm with open arms. Come Out Fighting do just that.

Being the first time the band has used an outside producer in Matt Dalton, there is a sonic upgrade over many albums in the genre. These songs are a hammer to the chest. If you are into concise, tight hardcore punk you need to add this band to your roster!

By Peter Harris

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