10 ? with Michael Sweet.

The eighties had a slew of successful hard rock and metal bands. Most of them made sincere attempts to stand out, either through image or virtuosity. Only one in the ranks of memorable hard rock bands of that era had the courage to go a different route. Stryper was the single most prominent Christian Metal band to emerge in the age of MTV.

Of course, an uplifting message is not enough. Stryper backed it up with real musical chops and songwriting. Michael Sweet, the co-founding singer/songwriter/guitarist has steadily forged ahead ever since. In addition to Stryper albums he has released solo albums and collaborations ever since.

Off of the heals of his 2016 solo effort One Sided War, his Sweet/Lynch 2017 album Unified, last year’s Stryper album God Damn Evil, Sweet has just wrapped up yet another solo album entitled Ten. This record will feature a multitude of guest artists including Todd La Torre, Joel Hoekstra, Gus G, Jeff Loomis, and Andy James, among others.

We talk with Michael on this episode about how he writes songs, how Ten was recorded, and why he should produce a record for Van Halen

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