Obscure covers: expert level quiz!

Many bands cover other artist’s songs. Often the cover version goes on to be a bigger hit than the original. I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll was a number one hit for Joan Jett in 1981, but was originally written and released by The Arrows in 1975. Jimi Hendrix had an iconic performance with All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan. He first burst onto the scene with Hey Joe, which was a traditional standard, first recorded by The Leaves a couple of years before Hendrix.

So with this in mind, let’s try a little quiz shall we? The following people all were responsible for songs that were later covered by one artist. Both with his band and later as a solo artist. Can you guess who the singer is by the clues provided? Give your best guess in the comments section!

1. This blues man was born in Kentucky in the 1920’s and later moved to Chicago. He recorded several blues tunes for Chess Records in the fifties, and his signature tune was sung by our mystery singer decades later.

2. Our next writer was born in Italy back in 1885, and wrote the music to a tune that was later translated into English by Irving Caesar in the 1920’s. Our singer in question sang it as part of his solo breakout in the eighties.

3. In 1924 Milton Ager wrote the music and Jack Yellen wrote lyrics for this western tinged song. It was first sung by the young lady pictured below in that same year. The subject of our quiz covered this unexpectedly with his first band.

Now this artist in question has covered other songs more prominently, but where is the fun in that? Gives us your best guess!

As a bonus hint, here are some more artists this singer has covered in their career:

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