10 ? with Tony Franklin.

Being a unique voice in music is extremely rare. How many players in rock music have truly brought a innovative sound to popular music? There have been only a dozen or so, and I submit to you, dear reader, that Tony Franklin brought the idiosyncrasies of fretless to rock music.

Franklin introduced what a violin smooth neck could add to the sonic palette of Jimmy Page as he left Led Zeppelin. As part of The Firm he also added a new slippery dimension to Paul Rodgers vocals. Moving on, he joined John Sykes to form one of the absolute best hard rock bands of the late eighties, Blue Murder.

Tony Franklin has not slowed down since then. As a session player on dozens of albums, and as a member of renowned acts such as Whitesnake and Kenny Wayne Shepard, he has remained both in demand, and unique.

In this exclusive interview Tony shared some never before heard details of his time with Jimmy Page, and what is on the horizon…

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