10 ? with Tara Lynch.

Multi-Instrumentalist Tara Lynch (A.K.A. Gui-Tara) may have been relatively unknown to the wide world prior releasing her debut album Evil Enough, but she was no stranger to those in the know. When it came time to finally put her skills on display she had no problem enlisting friends and colleagues to add their flavors to her compositions. The contributors on Evil Enough include Tony MacAlpine, Vinny Appice, Glen Sobel, Phil Soussan, Mark Boals, Björn Englen, and producer Brent Woods. A veritable “who’s who” of rock!

Tara calls in and we discuss her recently wrapped up overseas tour with rock legend UFO, her songwriting, guitar preferences, and how she didn’t even intend to sing on her own album (something she does rather well, by the way)!

Check out our latest episode of 10 ? with the Musical Mind:

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