Dévah Quartet – 10 ? with Liza McLellan.

The multi-genre Dévah Quartet are a group of classically trained musicians who perform in various ensembles. Not content to merely apply their virtuosity to the classical role, founder Liza McLellan began searching for string arrangements of rock songs she enjoyed. Not finding any to her satisfaction, she began transcribing her own.

After finding like minded performers, Dévah began not only performing unique versions of popular songs, but crafting original material that fuses the two disciplines to create an entirely new sound. Their debut EP was produced and engineered by Robert Berry, who has previously worked with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer (of ELP) and the Greg Kihn Band.

After a surreptitious discovery by Andrew Watters on social media, Dévah Quartet exploded in popularity, especially amongst fans of the band Rush. Indeed Liza and company have been hard at work on their recently completed translation of the epic 2112. No small feat indeed!

Fans of progressive music, and indeed good music in general owe it to themselves to explore the creations of Toronto’s Dévah…

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