Dream Troll – Making the Old New Again !

If you are like me, you stay abreast of new rock and metal but when the cards are down you revert back to your favorites of yore. Give me Iron Maiden any day over much of the new detuned sludge dredged out these days. That’s not saying all these new bands are inferior, it’s just saying that I was born during the Nixon administration! I often like my metal with a bit of melody.

Enter Dream Troll. These lads from England are indeed making the old new again. From the release of their debut “Knight of Rebellion” to the forthcoming “Second to None”. The band relishes harmonies and the twin-guitar assaults that permeated the original New-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal, or NWOBHM.

The current single, “Chrome Skull Viper” is no different. A chunky dual guitar line leads into a rhythmic vocal treatment that is as full of references to swirling vortexes and seething tyrants as you’d expect. The accompanying video shows the band’s sense of humor as well. This is important, as it’s better when you realize the guys are having fun with it, and not actually summoning Demons at home.

I Will Not Die Today” starts off with a pummeling double bass and guitar assault before switching to a slower verse section. The band knows the value of shifting dynamics. The solo, after a brief tapping flurry settles into a flowing melodic affair. What’s fun about Dream Troll is that they often post snippets of their guitar solos up on social media. This gives us guitar nerds something to geek out on and builds anticipation for upcoming releases.

With songs like “Steel Winged Warrior” and “Checkmate…Annihilate!” Dream Troll make what I call ‘Technically proficient yet accessible’ music. It’s impressive, but not so beyond the realms of mortals that you can’t sink your teeth into a good steady riff. If you are a fan of melodic, rocking old school metal then “Second to None” has your name on it!

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