Initial Mass -Bending Light

Initial Mass is a Los Angeles based power/progressive trio composed of guitarist/singer Mark Baldwin, drummer Kevin Robertson, and bassist Scott Smith. Having released “Time and Measure” (2016) and “Tidal Force” (2018), the band are now seasoned musicians as they look forward to the release of their third album.

“Bending Light” consists of nine tracks likely to appeal to fans of progressive rock as well as metal. The choruses are often soaring, and at times singer Mark Baldwin sounds almost like what Glen Danzig would, if Danzig would just sing and not try to sound “tough”. The call and response vocals of the title track are an example of what I’m talking about.

Others songs, like “Alchemy” have the tight interplay between drums and guitar/bass that fans of Math Metal are sure to love. Other numbers, like “Years Past” start off more subdued before breaking into a cool sliding riff that kicks off the main body of the song. I’m not sure what equipment Baldwin is using, but the guitars have a modern heaviness with a touch of analog warmth that makes his tone perfect for this material.

Overall, the album has nice progressive elements, while individual riffs like that in “Resolution” harken to modern Metallica (Think “Death Magnetic” era). An interesting aspect is that these songs are all around the three to four minute mark. You don’t need to invest half an hour of your life to decide whether you like a song or not!

Fans of prog rock/metal will likely find plenty to like with “Bending Light”. If you like quality rock, this is one of the indie bands worth checking out and supporting! Look for the release in late July 2019.

Track Listing:

1. Killing Heroes

2. Bending Light

3. Reason to Take

4. Piece by Piece

5. Resolution

6. Silence No More

7. Alchemy

8. Years Past

9. Embers Within

By Peter Harris

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