10 ? with Peter Hamer of Victim of Illusion.

Peter Hamer (aka Piero Giaccone) founded the progressive rock band Victim of Illusion in 2010. With Peter handling guitar, keys, and synth duties, Paolo Gurlino and Luca Imerito round out the line up on vocals and bass.

Based in Turin, Italy, Peter is a soundtrack composer by trade and has his hands in many other projects including Mohai Experiment. Victim of Illusion has released three recordings to date, What Senses Blow Away, Oxideyes, and Invisible Light. With influences like Porcupine Tree, Tool, and Rush, you can see where Hamer is coming from when he creates his progressive sonic universe.

Peter called us to discuss his approach to making music, his influences, and the progress he is making towards a new album. Listen to our conversation by clicking the link below!


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