10 ? with Ron Keel.

Some musicians are one hit wonders, some are overnight successes, and many never make it at all. There is a fourth category however, the musicians who enjoy both highs and lows. Radio and chart breakthroughs, followed by periods where they are beneath the radar. Being beneath the radar however does not diminish their drive. It propels them to keep creating and moving forward. Mainstream exposure may ebb and flow, but the creativity keeps growing. This last scenario describes Ron Keel in my mind.

Since forming Steeler in 1981 ( where he tapped a young, unknown Yngwie Malmsteen for guitar duty), Keel has never slowed down. Equal parts Nashville and Los Angeles, equal parts rock star and everyday guy, Keel embodies the American Dream. A dream that is evenly divided between glamour and hard, hard work.

Ron and I reconvene to discuss his new album, Fight Like A Band, and his sources of inspiration.


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