Middle aged deaf man reacts to blazing heavy metal!

Trends come and go on YouTube. A current phenomenon going around is the “Reaction video” craze. Such as “Man hears Bohemian Rhapsody for first time!” Or “Vocal Coach reacts to Iron Maiden”. These videos are popping up everywhere. I decided to poke a little fun at what is quickly becoming an overblown genre. This is a short clip I made entitled “Middle aged deaf man reacts to blazing heavy metal!”.

The man in the video is me, and the music playing was performed by myself as well. I am not deaf, and I hope it’s apparent that what is being made fun of is the video category, not deafness. At some point they will have covered every scenario of things to “react” to. I just figured I’d go straight to the most ridiculous.

Click the link to watch:


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