Whiteside’s Daughter – 10 ? with Steve Deaton.

Steve Deaton, hailing from Mississippi, has been a musician since college. A few years ago, he reunited with old friends Brian Hughley (Drums) and Steven Poff (Vocals) to form Whiteside’s Daughter. Deaton had an ambitious vision, to release a progressive concept album as the group’s debut.

The album, entitled “The Life You Save” is the tale of a young man caught up in the middle of a clash between the secular, progressive new world and his Southern Baptist upbringing. The band seamlessly melds the tones and attitude of Lynyrd Synyrd with the ambition of Rush.

Steve and I have an extended conversation about the formation of the band, his influences, and the group’s ideas for the near future. This is a unique album that deserves the attention of both southern rock fans and prog enthusiasts alike.

Listen to our conversation by clicking the link below:

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