Itch-ing for Round 2!

Since their debut release in 2012, ITCH have focused on melding their individual influences into a new product. Does that sound familiar? It’s because lots of bands say that, but this group from Belgrade actually sounds different.

Consisting of Filip StanisITCH, Iva KostITCH, Dusan SimITCH, and Vihor RistITCH (get it now?) the band has melded some cool sinister-yet poppy amalgams together with real playing prowess.

Having released Round 2 in May of 2019, the band has released the songs “Prison Disco” and “Mangata” as singles. Next up they are due to reveal a video for the song “Captain Love”.

Regarding the singles, “Prison Disco” has a bouncy forward momentum that blends some modern sounds with a 90’s influence. A great bass line underpins the tune.

“Mangata” is a stand out in its instrumentation. The drums punctuate the verse, chorus, and bridge sections so effectively. There is a simple yet oh-so-cool pair of arpeggiated chords and a great guitar solo. An unexpected A Cappella harmony closes out the song. These musicians can play!

Next up “Captain Love” has a brief intro of floating echo laden guitars. They flit to and fro over a subtle bed of synths. It quickly shifts into a somber rhythm strummed on acoustic guitar with the now familiar bright and punchy bass providing a weaving accompaniment. Itch are good at introducing contrasting dynamics that flow into one another naturally.

Songs like “Yura” venture into slightly harder territory , while “Defpotec” shows that the band isn’t afraid to explore bizarre vocals and melodies. This is a plus in my book.

ITCH are a band well worthy of attention if you are a fan of slightly eclectic music. The best part is they haven’t sacrificed catchy songs at the Altar of Weird. The eccentricities are a spice, if you like. Solid pop/rock with avant- garde leanings.

The band has signed with Latticesphere Records here in the States and a tour is forthcoming!

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