10 ? with Barry Richman. A peek at an Atlanta legend.

Hailing originally from New York, guitarist Barry Richman moved at a fairly young age to Atlanta, GA. The son of renowned tenor saxophonist Abraham “Boomie” Richman, Barry was brought up exposed to both music and musicians.

Gravitating to guitar after being enthralled by the British Invasion and captivated by Jimi Hendrix, Richman began a life long love affair with music. His brand of blues is authentic and soulful. His Jazz DNA (Courtesy of his father) lends him a much broader palette than the average blues man.

As a result of his unique voice on the instrument Barry has played with a definitive “Who’s Who” of legendary music makers. A full and stunning list of his associations can be found here: https://www.barryrichman.com/press-kit

Mr. Richman was gracious enough to take time out of his hectic gigging schedule to talk about life. Everything from growing up, getting immersed in guitar. to how we writes his songs and his extensive guitar collection.

If you aren’t familiar with his music, I recommend you go to his site and take the plunge. Buy one of his albums. You won’t be disappointed!



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