Mitch Malloy reacts to Van Halen’s disastrous 1996 “comeback” with David Lee Roth.

In 1996, during the MTV video music awards an astonishing thing happened. To present an award for artist Beck, the mighty Van Halen was introduced to do the honors. As Eddie, Alex and Michael walked out from behind the curtain, just behind them appeared a familiar form. David Lee Roth sauntered onstage with his long-estranged former band mates. The crowd erupted in cheers and a standing ovation immediately sprang up. The music world had hoped for this for over a decade!

Far away, watching this spectacle on television was Mitch Malloy. Mitch had a different reaction to this surprise development. You see, Mitch had recently and so far, secretly, been tapped to be the new lead vocalist for Eddie and company. In a flash, he knew a huge wrench had been thrown into the cogs. Even if he was still the new singer, the public had just been teased with one of the biggest comebacks in rock.

In this previously unreleased portion of my interview with Malloy from 2018, he discussed how that went down and what his reaction was. A rare moment of candid talk from someone who was, for a time, part of the inner circle of one of rock’s greatest bands.

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