Mike Keneally ‘splains the…

Mike Keneally got his career off to an ambitious start when, after playing Top 40 covers he was thrust into “expert level”. Mike was selected to join Frank Zappa in 1987 on both guitar and keyboards. From there his unique, quirky style and impressive chops saw him contributing to a plethora of other musician’s work.

Playing with everyone from Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa, to Steve Vai, to Joe Satriani he has proven his musicianship and indeed is currently working with legendary creators Devin Townsend and Todd Rundgren , respectively.

But this doesn’t address his own body of work, which is impressive in its scope and variety. From “The Tar Tapes” volumes 1-5 in the eighties through gems like “hat” and “Scambot” Keneally demonstrates that his mind is always creating. He has always been a breath of fresh air by creating music that conforms only to what he finds interesting.

In our in-depth conversation here Keneally and I discuss his early days, how he comes up with new material (as expected, it varies), and the projects he is currently working on!


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