Kenny Hickey set to release Silvertomb: Edge of Existence.

With the sad passing of Peter Steele in 2010, the groundbreaking Type O Negative was all but finished. As cornerstones of that act, Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly went on to form the Doom Metal outfit Seventh Void.

As time went on, Hickey began writing material that he felt called for a bit more orchestrated layering, more density. The music changed enough that he felt a new name was in order. Thus, Silvertomb was born.

After releasing a single “Insomnia” last year, the band toured to get the word out and build anticipation for their upcoming album. The time has come, and now “Edge of Existence” is set to be released. On listening to tracks such as “Waiting”, and “Right of Passage” it looks to be a fantastic collection of material.

Kenny phoned in to discuss the new album, and just how the addition of new members and new approaches to music led to the creation of “Edge of Existence”.

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