Tom Keifer continues to “RISE” to the occasion.

After forming the legendary rock band Cinderella, Tom Keifer rose to the top of the scene with rock anthems such as “Nobody’s Fool”, “The Last Mile” and well crafted slower fare such as the hit “Heartbreak Station”.

In addition to riding the crest of the wave of success, Keifer had more than his share of real world problems. More than just the usual story of “Grunge came along and killed the rock scene”, Tom faced serious and ongoing health issues. A neurological problem led to multiple surgeries and paralyzed vocal chords. He was told he would never sing again. Showing a determination seldom matched, he embarked on a journey of self-discipline. Daily warm up routines and careful attention to technique have allowed Keifer to still deliver his characteristic growl and howl thirty years later.

Photo: Tammy Vega

Forming a new musical family, The Tom Keifer Band released “The Way Life Goes” in 2013. Now, with their terrific follow up album “Rise” the band have been back on the road. Tom called in to fill in the details on how he has gone about shaping his heartfelt and nuanced music over his long career. I hope you enjoy this insightful conversation in the latest episode of “10 ? with the Musical Mind” – with Tom Keifer.


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