Will Van Halen release more archive material ?

Van Halen has famously been tight lipped over the course of their long career. In addition to infrequently recording albums, they have also shied away from extensive box sets. While many bands cash in on remastered editions of previous albums by including bonus tracks, previously unreleased songs, and even behind-the-scenes footage, Eddie and company have refrained.

When the band’s albums have been remastered, they have not included any bonus material. Usually these remasters do not even include additional packaging, photos, or liner notes.

So with Van Halen being basically retired (they won’t even tell us that for sure), I have to wonder “What could be in the archives?’. in this video I discuss some of my personal observations and theories about what material could be compiled, and if and when we may ever hear it.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

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