YYNOT: Happy accidents lead to “Resonance”.

Guitarist/producer Billy Alexander, upon seeing videos of bass virtuoso Tim Starace approached him about forming an online collaboration. Beginning in 2015 the two went to work on not only impressive original compositions such as the eponymous “YYNOT”, but covers of legendary Rush songs with staggering precision. After recruiting the talented-beyond-her-years vocalist Rocky Kuner, the band continued to churn out incredible music.

Billy Alexander and Tim Starace.

The self-titled debut brought even more favorable attention to this dynamic outfit, and with the addition of drummer Joel Stevenett the line up was complete. Just recently the band (which it has truly evolved into) revealed a second collection of original compositions: Resonance.

One listen to songs such as “Wildest Dreams” shows an ability to wrap complex musical parts into an instantly hummable package. I was able to speak to Billy and Tim recently to discuss the formation of the group and just what goes into producing such exciting new music. In a world of disposable pop “artists”, YYNOT is a shining beacon on the hill!

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10 ? with YYNOT

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