Shane Palko: Swahili Surreal

Shane Palko is one of this world’s treasures. A true creative spirit, he wanders the globe in search of knowledge and experiences. Deeply devoted to the environment and the betterment of mankind, he approaches these lofty goals from the most grassroots of methods.

Shane Palko.

Last year I had a lengthy conversation with Shane regarding his travels and his 2018 album Pick Me Up. His intimate and homespun musical approach is augmented by his wanderlust. Palko is an intellectual adventurist. You can read a transcript of our interview here: 10 ? with Shane Palko

Shane reached out to share his latest offering, Swahili Surreal and it was a delight to explore. His intricate and delicate fingerpicking seems to defy the fact that he is a self-taught guitarist. For this album he partnered up with the Tanzanian Parliament, and recorded in studios across Tanzania with local musicians. True to his altruistic nature, all proceeds will go to towards the construction of a recording studio in Mafinga.

Mafinga, Tanzania.

Shane has a wonderful way of expressing grand ideas with lyrics encompassing the minutiae of life, such as on “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz”. Songs like “Your Game” weave an almost stream-of-consciousness tale couched in a beautiful, somber instrumentation. “For Innocence” is a neat little multi-tracked instrumental that seems to prove this artist is just as invested in his physical playing as his message (that’s a good thing).

If you enjoy exploring a truly unique singer-songwriter approach then by all means give Mr. Palko’s music a listen. He is a fascinating individual who wanders the world, only seeking to share what he observes and learns.

Shane Palko: Swahili Surreal

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