The Steinberger headless guitar…no more mystery.

A little over a year ago I acquired a Steinberger Spirit. You know, the “headless” guitar that seemed so alien when it came to fairly widespread attention back in the eighties. Thanks to prominent players like Eddie Van Halen, and Geddy Lee (Steinberger Bass) amongst others. However even today it still remains a bit of a mystery to some players. How does it work? Is it comfortable to play? Is it complicated?

Well it’s really not complicated. In fact it’s far easier to work on than your average guitar, especially one that’s equipped with a locking tremolo. The Spirit model I own is made of wood, unlike the graphite construction of the originals. It is easy to play and certainly versatile enough for a bedroom player such as myself. In this video I demonstrate how to change the strings on this unique instrument to demonstrate just how simple it is, once you come to grips with the appearance of it…

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