Pom Pom Squad’s Mia Berrin on creativity and growth.

Mia Berrin started Pom Pom Squad as an idea back in high school. She began writing songs and learning guitar, and discovered the catharsis that can come from creativity. From their first EP “Hate it Here” in 2017 to the most recent release “Ow”, the band, and Mia have shown that there is always a place for authentic expression.

This is the kind of discussion I love. Mia is an intelligent and observant artist who pulls from her personal life for her music, but is keenly aware of the world around her. The music she writes is accompanied by a focused attention on how to present herself and the band. There is a sense of wisdom beyond her years at work here. In this interview we delve into Mia’s influences, her early days of writing music, up to the creation of this latest release.

Pom Pom Squad is shortly embarking on a cross-country tour, and this is a great, ground level look at a talented and genuine artist on the verge of bigger things.

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