The Unbroken forge the Human Crown.

Of the 5 boroughs that make up New York City, Brooklyn is my personal favorite. It combines a bohemian hipness with a blue collar honesty, and it does so effortlessly. It is from Brooklyn that The Unbroken have arisen. The four members have a modern metal sound, but importantly (at least to my middle-aged tastes) you can get glimpses of classic influences. Shades of Pantera, Metallica, and perhaps a hint of Anthrax bubble underneath the band’s all original material.

The Unbroken

The band released Human Crown in May of 2019. The men have done countless live shows supporting the five song EP since (with more scheduled), keeping the chemistry tight.

Kicking off with Stuck in the Way, this burner features an eerie descending riff that first appears at :48 seconds in. The instant I heard it it grabbed my ears. I like this!

Suffering in Silence comes in next, and the “in-the-distance” guitar punctuations in the beginning show the wisdom of having someone like Johan Meyer and Alan Douches doing the mixing and mastering, respectively.

The title track, Human Crown starts off with a clean guitar intro, providing a nice change in dynamics. Vocalist Chester reveals the song addresses Humankind’s penchant for advertising lofty ideals, yet not living up to them. Lead guitarist Mark rises above the sludgy rhythm bed with a lofty solo of tapped flurries.

I Never Forget is pure gold for fans of Pantera’s brand of kick-you-in-the-teeth metal. With well meshed sections, the shortest song here gets in and gets out in brutal fashion.

The last offering Nothing Left to Sell once again shows this band’s understanding of dynamics. Somnambulant vocal passages are woven between power-metal riffs and double-bass drum propulsion.

The Unbroken offer high quality, original modern metal in a genre that is so fragmented it’s often hard to tell apart. “Wait, is that Doom Metal, or Death Metal, or ?”. This is just good music.

The Band:

Chester/ Lead Vocals, guitar

Mark/ Lead guitar

Jeff/ Bass

Tamas/ Drums

The Unbroken Official Site

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