Rabid Flesh Eaters summon the “Demons Within”.

Rabid Flesh Eaters have been delivering the goods to north Texas since 1986. The “goods” being intense, brutal Texas-style Thrash Metal!

Having made their footprint with the release of the 2016 album Reign of Terror, the band continued to pummel audiences with their live shows. Texas metal faithful know where to go to sate their appetites for shredding, frenzied odes to death.

Rabid Flesh Eaters

The men in Rabid Flesh Eaters have always had a meaningful bond with Thrash/Speed legends Rigor Mortis. Having formed just three years before R.F.E., Rigor Mortis suffered catastrophic losses with the passing of guitarist Mike Scaccia in 2012 and vocalist Bruce Corbitt in 2019. Showing the sense of community and brotherhood common to many musicians, R.F.E. held a benefit show for Bruce and his wife last year. Killer music for a good cause!

But that isn’t where the news stops. The guys have been working on a new batch of songs. The self-titled R.F.E. contains eight new songs to punish your speakers. On top of that, the title track features vocalist Ricky Wilson trading lines with Bruce Corbitt himself, his (Corbitt’s) last recorded studio performance.

To whet your appetite, check out this single from the new album, entitled “Demons Within”. The song stomps its way with a grinding low riff and impressively, the vocals propel the rhythm as much as the drums and bass do! A few minutes in, the band unleashes guitarist Mike Taylor, and he goes OFF!

Demons Within

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