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This is the first installment of a new feature I like to call “Shop Talk” The idea is this; a professional musician is asked to imagine if they met another musician, what might they ask them in a conversation? It can be anything music related but the catch is they don’t know who will answer them!

After being provided a question, I present it to another artist to answer. Over the course of this ongoing feature, I hope to document a thoughtful dialogue between people who may or may not have ever met, but have a pertinent and unique insight in which to engage each other. So here I give you the first participants in “Shop Talk”!

Nili Brosh, solo, Cirque du Soleil, Tony MacAlpine, etc.

Nili: Hi, I’ve wondered, how do you maintain a semblance of mental and physical health while on the road or a tight playing schedule ?

dUg Pinnick, King’s X. KXM, etc.

dUg: Hi Nili, Ive learned a lot about keeping in shape, its the opposite of what we’re told, they know if we stay out of shape they can keep selling us crap that don’t work. But it does take dedication, Ive been doing 25 push ups, sit ups, pull ups, every day when I wake up with my coffee, takes 10 minutes or less. Routine of mine for at least 30 years, I walk a lot. Don’t sit, do everything that you can standing, drink water, take fiber pills with every meal, your colon is like the most important function in your body, if its clogged U can get up to 25 LBs of food stuck in your colon, get a colon cleanse. Very important, eat only organic foods, eat all the fat you want, your body needs it and its what your brain needs to function properly. Subscribe to Women’s Health mag and read from cover to cover in the shitter. Ive been reading the men’s health version for over 30 years! Ive learned so much about how the body functions. When you get to know how your body works, and what it really needs, it will drive you stay healthy especially because you really do feel great. The only way our bodies are happy is if were moving and pushing our body to get stronger, Its who we are, we are workers and we need to be active or we fall apart. And stay away from ALL fast food and anything that has been partially hydrolyzed, its like putting car oil in your food, the ultimate heart clogger. This is what is clogging up everyone’s arteries in America. And it’s in almost everything we eat. Good luck!!! hit me up at if you have any more questions! dUg

Bjorn Englen , Dio Returns, Quiet Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.)

Bjorn:How do you stay motivated or driven to continue writing and/or recording music when the possibility of making money from recorded music is more or less gone?

Mark Kendall, lead guitar & founder of Great White

Mark: I’ve never written music for money, I always wrote to try and out do past work and improve from that. I need to be creative!! I have a dream that I’m gonna write the greatest song of my life one day. The world & music industry changing doesn’t have much effect on my motivation to be creative. The other thing is I never want to live off the same paintings, I want to try and make better ones. More than the money, I love to get the fan feedback. The hardest thing about that is, you have to wait 4 months for it!

By Peter Harris

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