Ted Templeman gets his well deserved biography.

Legendary record producer Ted Templeman is a familiar name to those of us who eagerly read the back of all our favorite albums in the seventies and eighties. Working for Warner Bros Records (now just Warner Records) Templeman was the man behind the sonic goodness of acts like the Doobie Brothers, Montrose, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and more.

Author and historian Greg Renoff (Van Halen Rising) knew that this music icon had a million stories to tell, and he set out to preserve them. Through lengthy research and unprecedented access to the man himself, Greg was able to painstakingly assemble a detailed look into Templeman’s life and career.

The author joins me for a conversation about how the book took shape, and what he learned from his lengthy interactions with one of music’s most respected producers. Listen to our chat and then be sure to get your hands on Ted Templeman : A Platinum Producer’s Life in Music.

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